Singaporean Musicians and Their Cute Animals

Sharmain Lim

June 9, 2016Life


We did you the favour of compiling some of our Singaporean Musicians’ pets onto one page! You’re Welcome!

There’s nothing more therapeutic than looking at cute animals on Instagram. And what better way to have your daily fix of cute animals than with our talented bunch of Singaporean musicians! Read on as we explore the furry goodness of some of their pets!

1) Nathan Hartono

There is no doubt that Nathan is an animal lover by just looking at his Instagram feed, a casual scroll through his feed will make all animal lovers swoon with affection –and we’re not just talking about his beautiful face.

2) Michaela Therese

Soulful singer Michaela Therese is a proud self-proclaimed #catlady as seen on her profile. And her feed shows it, check her out if your want your daily dose of kitty cats doing their kitty cat things.


3) Benjamin and Narelle Kheng

A photo posted by NARELLE KHENG (@narellekheng) on

The Kheng duo are no strangers to the local music scene and so are their pets Cleo and Twiggy! Apart from that, many other cute animals have graced their presence on their Instagram, a sure treat for your eyes ;-)


4) Joie Tan

Join Joie and Layla on their yoga adventures with a page solely dedicated to her yoga practice and of course, Layla by her side @yogawithlayla. You can see more of her and Layla on her personal instagram page as well: @tanjoie. Also follow Layla’s hashtag feed, #laylathemoondog!


5)  Sam Driscoll

A photo posted by sam driscoll (@sammmydee) on

Warwick has definitely stolen our hearts with his cuteness, his owner Sam Driscoll makes really cool music as well.



Don’t forget to check them out on their Instagram pages!!