Nathan Hartono talks Solo Shows In Singapore and New Tricks

Ian Lim

June 19, 2016Events


Nathan Hartono – New Tricks, 9th July, Esplanade Concert Hall

Multi-talented jazz singer/songwriter Nathan Hartono talks playing a solo show in Singapore and his new record.

Looking for an idea for a classy date? A special occasion maybe? Or just a great night out? Look no further than Nathan Hartono’s upcoming solo show at the Esplanade. Happening for one night only on the 9th of July, at 7pm, this two hour show would be Nathan’s biggest solo show yet! And he has done some great shows before this, so this is going to be one for the books!

Nathan first burst onto the music scene in 2005 when he was just 14! Since then he has gone on to perform all over the world, ranging from national events to music festivals and even musical theatre. This pop/Jazz singer definitely has depth much deeper than his nominal genre. And for this concert Nathan would be bringing a fresh new take on his music, so this is going to be an interesting night with new experiences for both first time Nathan goers, and hard-core Nathan fans alike.

This concert is definitely a labour of love by Nathan, it is his baby and it was not easy to conceive. So we check in with Nathan to find out more about his thoughts surrounding the show, as well as what it is like producing music in Singapore.

In a climate where it’s still tough for musician to have their own shows, how does it feel to have your biggest ever solo performance in esplanade?

Nathan: Intimidating. When Esplanade asked me if I wanted to do this, 90% of me was screaming NO WAY YOU CAN DO THIS. But the small 10% was just itching to try, to welcome the challenge. And it has been quite a slog, as I am also producing it myself alongside the great team from Esplanade. But I’m happy that small 10% won that day. 

Are there any difficulties in producing music or shows in Singapore?

Nathan: I think it’s the same everywhere. If you have an audience that likes you enough, they will show up. Just gotta figure out how to make em like you. 

You’re a good looking guy with a great voice; people might think success came easy. But what they might not see is how hard you had to work and the obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are. Care to input?

Nathan: There were no obstacles. Everything has been perfect and life is and has been a fairytale. heh, i kid. A lot of my musical journey has, in fact, been very fortunate. And I’ll be the first to admit that having a sellable face doesn’t hurt. But the biggest obstacle for any artist, regardless of craft, is him/herself. And that’s been very true for me. A lot of self-doubt, insecurity, general shittyness (poopiness if you need to keep it clean) about my own music and my career path. I’ve learnt over the years that a lot of it is just letting go. Realizing that you shouldnt take yourself too seriously, because music isn’t supposed to weigh you down and stress you out. I still get the occasional pangs of doubt, but for the most part, I’ve learnt to just ‘do the do.’

What would it mean to you to have a sold out performance? Vindication in anyway?

Nathan: It would feel very very cool (: But I think it’s best to just keep my head down and try and bring the best show possible to everyone there. As opposed to breaking my back over ways I can push ticket sales. 

Final question, anything else we should know about the show?

Nathan: New music. A lot of new music. We’re aiming to release it before the show so people don’t go in completely blind. 

‘I can’t frickin wait.’

And neither can we! And now you’ve heard it from Nathan himself, it’s going to be a jazzy good time so hurry down to get your tickets now lest it sells out! See you guys there!

For more information on the show click here!