Local Singer/Songwriters To Share Stories At Theatre Festival

Ian Lim

June 10, 2016Events


Twenty-Something Theatre Festival

Goodman Arts Centre will be hosting this holistic art festival set to be a platform for creatives, from playwrights to musicians, to share and release their stories across two weekends.

The brainchild of the thespian, Tan Kheng Hua, she had always envisioned a platform for the twenty-something year old creatives she worked with to create and release their own plays independently, without external influence or control. It has now expanded into something larger, including the Festival Instagala which consists of shops curated by Carousell, artisanal food stands, and the Instagala Concert, packed with amazing music acts!

All of which will be presented proudly by twenty something year olds.

Kheng – Festival Director, Twenty Something Theatre Festival

For those who are interested, the festival is happening over 8 days from the 9-12 of June and the 16-19 of June, and there is something for everybody. If the arts are what you love, there is a wide selection of plays painstakingly produced by independent twenty-something year old playwrights, who deal with the deep Singaporean condition. Expect the uninhibited and unfiltered display of the vision of the young, and the themes that are close to their hearts.

Irfan Kasban – Playwright, Trees, A Crowd…

If the arts are not your thing, or if your heart needs a break from the probably emotionally taxing plays… On both weekends, (11-12, 18-19 of June), there is every Singaporean’s favourite combo – shopping and food!

And yes, both are run by twenty-something year olds as well. The 16 best twenty- something carousellers will be setting up shop. Also, artisanal food stands selling homemade ice cream, and fresh fruit bowls from the Amazon will be open for you glamazons out there! And best of all, yet another Singaporean favourite, there will be a BBQ buffet!

Café Melba 

Finally, we have what you all been looking forward to, an outdoor music concert! It is also happening over two weekends, 11-12 and 18-19 of June, featuring three artistes a night. The acts were lovingly curated by our very iNCH, a veteran of our music scene who has a big big heart for it.

Her motivation and direction was to try and capture the spirit of being twenty-something.

“…I think it’s a very important decade of everybody’s lives. It’s a time where you decide who you wanna be and who you wanna be with. And you know everybody fondly remembers their twenty-somethings – be it because it made you feel invincible because you had youth on your side, or being fearless in the face of failure.

I was hoping this festival would capture that sentiment and would represent what it feels like to be twenty-something in Singapore in this day and age. So I feel that the musicians that are there today kinda represent the vibrancy and a whole spectrum of feelings of what it means to be twenty-something.”

Thus without further ado, let’s meet a musician for each day of the festival, and explore their personal stories lived and told through their music.

First up on the 11th of June,


we’ve got BittyMacbeth

Photo by: Fuse

“Music is my way of turning the dark things in my life into something beautiful, so my songs often speak of struggle – in Haters Gon’ Hate, it’s being judged and discriminated, and in Beauty for Ashes, it’s suffering indefinitely not knowing when the end might be in sight –

at the same time the songs also hail a call to rising above the challenge, whether it’s putting in effort to converse and understand people before judging them or just summoning strength to keep on keeping on, trusting that in the end everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

She’ll be playing with Sam Rui and Ffion Williams.

On the 12th of June,

we’ve got chris.sng


“I’ve always played in bands, and I don’t usually play my solo stuff much. Mainly because it’s always been hard to bare my soul to people in general. I guess the narrative that arcs my music is my narrative, if that makes any sense, and hopefully the struggles/lessons i’ve been through relates to someone listening – that’d be awesome.”

He’ll be playing alongside fellow storytellers, Shakthiyas and Mars.


On the 18th of June,

we’ve got Isaac Ong

“At the festival, I’ll be sharing about my journey growing up. My disappointments, dreams, desires, faith, that just led me to where I am today. The songs will take you literally from my childhood where I’ll be belting songs like Circle Of Life – The Lion King (zulu tribal singing included) to some originals, and songs that lifted me up when I was at the pits of my life, and death seemed like the only way out. I think it’s going to be a really nice time of sharing my battles and victories with others and a good time of some feel good music and heart connections.”

He’ll be playing along with JAWN and Shea Ong.


On the 19th of June,

we’ve got Joie Tan

“I’m really thankful to be doing music and to be able to share my stories with people through my songs, and I can only hope that my music can reflect my gratitude and love for music and inspire people to be fearless and do what they love too.”

She’ll be playing along with LEW and Ethel Yap

To see the full list of activities happening at the event, check out the calendar below!

Programme Schedule:

So head on down and keep your eyes open, as chris.sng said,

“I think it’s great honestly – Any event that showcases the creative talent pool that our country has to offer has my support. Also, it’s a great way for 20 somethings from each corner of the culture industry to hangout and make connections!”.

This is the first time where we pool young twenty-something talents from different art fields to come together to create something together. There is so much for you to explore and so many unique people for you to meet. It is a great chance to kick back and have fun while at the same time expanding your horizons.

Joie Tan: “I think it’s so amazing because it’s not just a festival to showcase the talent we have here, but to also inspire those who are interested in the arts but have no idea where or how to start. It’s a really great initiative that can benefit both the performers and goers.”