Baybeats Mentorship Programme Feature: Your Sister’s Postman

Carmel Joan Phillips

June 14, 2016Featured CreatureMusic


Baybeats Feature –

Your Sister’s Postman: THEY’LL ALWAYS DELIVER.

First pioneered in 2007, the Baybeats mentorship programme was an initiative launched to nurture budding local bands under the wing of acclaimed musicians. This week, we had the privilege of meeting up with the awesomely electric bunch of Your Sister’s Postman to get some inside scoop.

L to R: Melvin (drums), Liang Bao (guitar), Fadhly (vocals), Taufiq (guitar), Edmund (bass).


// So, why the name Your Sister’s Postman?

Fadhly: This band name was formed based off a random person on the streets…our music is a way to showcase the stories you might find from these random people. Well that is the politically correct answer; it’s actually just an irreverent insult in Malay like “kakak kau punya postman”.  


// What genre would you consider your music?

Taufiq: Genre wise…I don’t think we really fit in to any category. But I would say a common theme across every song is a strong groove. A lot of emphasis is placed on the pulse of the song.


// Who are your major influences?

Edmund: Rage Against The Machine
Liang Bao: Thrice, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional
Liang Bao and I have musical telepathy so I’d say the same!
Taufiq: Foals!
Fadhly: Taylor Swift is a HUGE influence ah. TAY-TAY!


// Opinions on the state of the local music scene?

Taufiq: I’d say there is a duality, where the quality and quantity of bands are increasing. There’s a lot of good local music being put out in comparison to 5 -10 years ago…But at the same time the amount of gig venues that we have for local music, for this year especially, is a lot less than last year.

Fadhly: Yeah I agree with Taufiq. Local music now is a lot more in people’s consciousness. You hear the likes of Jawn Chan, The Sam Willows and Take Two being played on the radio.
YSP Square

­// Does the band get inspiration for new songs in the shower?

Liang Bao: Yeah, Fadhly and myself in the shower….We video, then everyone else will watch.


// If you guys had the chance to see any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Edmund: Maximum The Hormones! They’re like creative metal punk from Japan.

Melvin: I’d have to say Rage Against The Machine man. Or Taking Back Sunday. I used to listen to them before every exam I took and I’d get so amped up. Wah, can already, I everything also can do, MCQ all.


// What has the band learnt from the Baybeats mentorship programme?

Fadhly: I learnt how to set up drums ah. (whole band laughs)

Melvin: Not only setting up you know! Helping me carry also!

Fadhly: (cont’d) To add to that, I’ve learnt that while others are setting up, as a vocalist, to get a space where I can listen to the sound from the front and make sure everything is nicely balanced.

Taufiq: Efficiency of setting up and tearing down and band independence.

Liang Bao: How to craft our band image, our identity and how to market the band as a brand to connect with our listeners.


// Describe the dynamics of the band.

We are very open and honest with each other and we are all able to be transparent about things. We never bash ideas and we’re always down to try new suggestions. Basically the band has great synergy and we work well together and that transcends through our music.


// What can we expect from the band in the future?

Melvin: We are planning to shoot some videos, like live videos of us playing.

Taufiq: We are also thinking of a collab with another band but let’s keep that a surprise for now.

Fadhly: A new haircut for Liang Bao.


­// The band never gets tired of ___________?

Edmund: (instantly without thought) YOUR MOM JOKES!


Congratulations once again Your Sister’s Postman for making the cut for Baybeats 2016!

Catch them on the 26th June, 6.40pm at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre!