5 Of The Best Ice Cream Places In Singapore

Carmel Joan Phillips

June 15, 2016F&B


Singapore music scene electronic R&B sweetheart, Sam Rui, gives us the low-down on the 5 best ice cream places in town!

Come on, who doesn’t love ice cream?! However, someone in particular who likes ice cream a little too much is Sam Rui, who gives us the thorough low down on the best places to get ice cream on our little red dot.


Merely Ice Cream @ Sunshine Plaza


Sam Rui: “The scoops are ginormous!!!! And for a super decent price. The ambience is nice, they play nice music (i’ve even heard GB (Gentle Bones) and Charlie a couple times while I was there),

they have cute little magazines under their tables for you to read, and little vases of flowers on the tables. Also of course their flavours are so good, I love their earl grey, you actually see the earl grey tea leaves in the ice cream. Legit stuff.”

Creamier @ Toa Payoh


Sam Rui: “I haven’t been here in a while because they were under construction ( I actually don’t know if it still is) but fwah the ice cream damn shiok. Very creamy like the name would suggest, obv. Flavours also damn gao. None of that watery artificial shit yknow what I’m saying??

The ice cream is good but the real money shot is the WAFFLEZ. Don’t you dare go there and just eat the ice cream and not the waffles. Sturdy outside, fluffy on the inside, like a good girlfriend whose looks cut like a bitch but inside you know she a softie who love ya. Also they top their waffles with maple syrup, none of that fake chocolate sauce bs.”

Island Creamery @ Serene Centre


Sam Rui: “Ok I’m maybe a bit biased bc I used to work here. I will admit though, i’m not the biggest fan of their waffles, but the mudpie, and the mini baked alaska is where its at. And they have the coolest local flavours – I love the pulut hitam ice cream. And during CNY they have pineapple tart flavoured ice cream too yay!! Also the shop is very nostalgic for me, because I used to come chill out with my friends after school back in my secondary school days.

Place was great because it’s near Hwa Chong, SJI, ACS, so all the cute boys came there to hang after rugby/ canoieing/ soccer/ swimming practice or whatever and 14 year old me and the rest of my tween friends had one hell of a visual feast. That was fun. Yummy ice cream, yummy sports boys. Of course I am too old for this now and don’t do this anymore because I am not a pervert or a cradle snatcher. And the walls are covered with photos of people who’ve been there so it’s always fun to spot people you know.”

On The Table @ Pasir Panjang


Sam Rui: “My cousin brought me here for dinner the other day, so this is a new addition… But imma put it here anyway because the stuff was good. They hand-make their ice cream, so again, very legit stuff, plus they’ve got a real sweet collection of flavors.

The Bailey’s one was my favourite. They also serve really great cakes and food, and have a nice little selection of drinks. And the location is accessible enough by public transport, but ulu enough to not be too crowded.”

Stateland Cafe @ Bali Lane


Sam Rui: “This place is ultimately a cafe, not an ice cream parlour, but the ice cream also shiok (Coffee also shiok btw) (and the DECOR also major shiokers. The shop is so chio). You can order the ice cream on its own as a soft serve, but if you really wanna go ham you can get the version that they serve with this magical squishy donut thing ( I don’t know what it’s made of) but the combination of the two works so well.

It sounds weird and I wish I were more eloquent and specific in my description but it feels like a glutinous rice flour donut, and they top it with this mountain of ice cream (there’s more than 1 flavour but my fave is the cookie butter one), and its gr8. Just go try it. Don’t think I’ve come across anything else like it before.”

And that my friends, is my list of top 5 ice cream places to try in SG,

…and also the reason why I cannot lose weight.

The biggest of shoutouts to Sam Rui for helping us out with this amazing list. So, tell us on Facebook, is your fav ice cream place on this list? Or are you more down with the uncle pushing the ice cream cart, we’d love to know! Hit us up on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.