4 Music Apps At The Tips Of HubbaBubba’s Fingers

Christian Sng

June 22, 2016Events


We speak to The HubbaBubbas all about their top picks for Music Apps on your smartphone!

This unstoppable post-acoustic trio are known for their amazing arrangements and well-thought-out layers. They are brilliant musicians, of course, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get a lil’ help from good ol’ technology once in a while!

Here’re their top picks for Apps you can get today, that’ll help you on your musical journey –

Ultimate Guitar

Ryan: “I use this for tabs and reference for lyrics, since the times we busked, up till today – when we’re playing at bars and events.

Pro-tip : i upload local songs onto UG online so i can both carry them on the cloud, and start making singapore music accessible. UG is good for transposing and learning chords real quick. especially the good tabs/chord charts.”


Ryan: if i had an iPhone, Acapella. Its good for recording layers and loops for multiple parts of a song and for generating some ideas!”

CANT STOP THE FEELING – @justintimberlake DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE! #acapella #CantStopTheFeeling

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iMaschine 2

Merv: “I use it to create beats on the go! I love that long commutes can turn into music producing sessions.

It contains a step sequencer that can be used to quickly programme drum beats, and a sampler that I use to sample my beatbox sounds. This allows me to explore different grooves which I can then learn and use in our performances.”


Steph: “A familiar one to most people! I use it to listen to music on the go and even when I’m at home. I love that there’s a variety of playlists, and how I can discover new music with it.

I also love the idea that I can find music from a wide range of genres, from indie bands like A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, to music giants like James Brown. It has also been very useful in learning new songs and for rediscovering old favourites.”


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