3 Unique Outdoor Activities You Need To Try

Christian Sng

April 18, 2016LifeTravel



No one better to speak to about strange outdoor activities than everyone’s favourite indie mousedeer, iNCH!

More than running around your neighbourhood and standing around a pond waiting for prawns to nibble, there’s heaps to do in the great outdoors here on the sunny island!

“Its scientifically proven that if don’t get sunlight we get dumb.”

Something to do with Vitamin C and grey matter… NEVERTHELESS, its imperative to get out there and get some sun yeah? So before you start complaining (again) that there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO ANYWHERE, ANYMORE, check out these unusual outdoor activities as told by iNCH:

1 // Massing

For all you lovely tree-huggers out there,

“Massing is when you find the old seeds of native (to Singapore) trees and spread them manually in hopes of growth.”

From the Angsana to the Tembusu, it is a widely known fact that Singapore used to be nothing but a lush rainforest full of beautiful native trees and a few dudes just chilling out and fishing. Since colonisation, capitalism, and a whole bunch of other isations and isms, the country’s abundance of native trees have depleted into what we have preserved in the CCNR, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, MacRitchie Reservoir, and the remnants of a once dense forest that we now call Botanic Gardens. This is a very mere, and a very sad 3% of what we once had.

Furthermore, in lieu of the proposed Cross-Island MRT line cutting through the CCNR and MacRitchie Reservoir, lets hope that the various government bodies in charge of this will make the right call in preserving the nature that is unique to our heritage.

So get on up off your couch, and out that door to these organised massing, or mass tree planting events, where you too can have a hand in preserving a part of our rich history.

“How can we preserve our culture if we can’t even preserve our trees?”


“A great way to getaway and revisit the past.”

The singer/songwriter spent a whole 4 months on this little island of rich history and heritage writing her latest record Letters To Ubinso trust her when she gives you any advice about the place! From cycling and nature walks, to kayaking off into small channels of water, Ubin offers you a whole new level of outdoor adventure! Still not convinced? Check out iNCH’s top 3 things you never knew you could do on Ubin right now!

“Sweat your butt off, experience a new pace, wander into smaller roads, and speak to the locals!”

A whole different angle to experiencing the great outdoors is slowing down from the usual hustle and bustle that our lives incessantly serve up on a day to day basis. Seeping into the serene atmosphere that nature provides a great way to slow down the pace our minds are used to, inviting us to experience relaxation refreshing to the senses.


“Like a gradual walk through our history – from remembering the war, to housing developments, and eventually reaching the heart of the city.”

The Green Corridor is essentially a proposal to keep the Railway Lands as a continuous ‘Green Corridor’. Once connecting stations stretching from Malaysia into Singapore, the KTM Railway and its surrounding greenery is truly a part of Singapore’s history. Take a walk from Woodlands, through Kranji, all the way to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in the heart of our city and witness Singapore as iNCH had – a gradual walk through our history

“The War Memorial is beautiful, especially at six in the morning, its always great to look at our history… with all that walking, you’re sure to think a lot!”

Support and save a part of our heritage by heading onto http://www.thegreencorridor.org/ and spreading the good word!

And there you have it! Now you don’t have any reason to sit in your underwear all day watching Netflix cause there’s NOTHING TO DO. 

Get on out,  spread some seeds and do some good for our country, take a ferry down to the lovely Ubin and slow down your thoughts for a bit, or take a nice long walk through the green corridor along the old railway tracks and experience a fresh perspective on our heritage and culture!

A huge shoutout to iNCH for letting us in on some of her secret adventure spots! We’ll now leave you with the wise words of the mousedeer herself –

We’re like plants – its like photosynthesis applies to us (haha) – Unless you’re a vampire: a human being that has evolved from other human beings that never left their house… Bloodsucker would then really make sense… 

Its a simple equation really:

House = Comfort, 

Getting out = Challenging yourself.